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What Is Psychotherapy For?

An Alternative To The Profession of Psychotherapy

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

Today psychotherapy is a big business. Practitioners have contributed to building an infrastructure of security and self reinforcement. Most of the current issues or problems that psychotherapy addresses have been conceived, created, categorized and maintained by psychotherapists.

Paperback (6X9 inches) - 265 pages - 2010

ISBN: 9780968186541Special Price $10.00




Psychotherapeutic Change: An Alternative Approach to Meaning & Measurement

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

In a quest for greater understanding Al Mahrer asks why should we continue to exclusively use traditional research methods if they do not provide therapists with data on effective therapeutic methods? Considering this, Mahrer proposes an alternative approach to the meaning of psychotherapeutic change and its measurement. The keystone of his method is a conceptually sound in-therapy change paradigm based on experiential-humanistic theory.

Paperback - 208 pages (1985)

ISBN: 0393700070  

Hardcover - No longer available




Experiential Psychotherapy: Basic Practices

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D

Originally published in 1983, this volume introduces the systematic and comprehensive theory of experiential psychotherapy and presents the conceptual and clinical bases for its application.

Paperback - 402 pages (1989)

ISBN: 0776602446

Paperback - No longer available






Dream Work In Psychotherapy & Self-Change

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

Al Mahrer has written a tour de force that is must reading for people who work with dreams as psychotherapists or who want to deepen their awareness of their own dreams. In fact, this is probably the best available practical guide on how to work on your dreams or help another person... Lawrence Tirnauer, Ph.D. Past President American Academy of Psychotherapy

Hardcover (6X9 inches) - 372 pages - 1990

ISBN: 9780393700893

Special Price $8.00





Becoming The Person You Can Become: The Complete Guide To Self-Transformation

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

Drawing from the humanistic tradition this guide presents a method for tapping emotions as a vehicle for personal growth. Psychologist Alvin Mahrer’s self-guided program is not in opposition to traditional therapy but rather complements it. By combining meditation with experiential therapy, the author takes readers through a process of self-transformation to develop their unique potential. He offers a set of simple, effective techniques to cast off the remnants of past experience and achieve creative growth and change.

Paperback - 430 pages - 1990

ISBN: 978-0923521653





Therapeutic Experiencing: A Process of Change

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

Once again Al Mahrer has brought his courageous and innovative talents to the task of extending the description of his form of experiential psychotherapy... I am impressed by the combination of good sense, scholarly sophistication, and clinical acumen which illuminates the method and its rationale. James F.T. Bugental

Hardcover - 419 pages - 1986

ISBN: 978-0393700084

Special Price $8.00





Experiencing: A Humanistic Theory of Psychology & Psychiatry

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

This primary text to Mahrer’s theory of personality is now out of print – however, HG Publications has a limited number of copies available. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase a copy of this important book.

Paperback - 884 pages (1989)

ISBN: 9780776602455  

Special Price $20.00 (*)

Original Hardcover Edition available (Rare) $25.00





How To Do Experiential Psychotherapy: A Manual for Practitioners

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

A step by step guide with explanations how to do the four-step process of Mahrer’s experiential psychotherapy

Paperback - 168 pages (1989)

ISBN: 978-0776602424

Paperback - No longer available







The Complete Guide To Experiential Psychotherapy

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

The Complete Guide to Experiential Psychotherapy written by Dr. Alvin Mahrer is the culmination of four decades of pioneering work to sculpt out the conceptual foundations of an experiential theory and model of psychology.

At last, one resource offers a complete guide to the experiential philosophy, theory, and model of human beings. The Complete Guide to Experiential Psychotherapy is the culmination of Dr. Alvin Mahrer's four decades of pioneering work to sculpt out the conceptual foundations of an experiential theory and model of psychology, and to create an experiential psychotherapy that is practitioner-friendly and allows creative growth and change. Innovative in its approach and style, this timely book offers a thorough overview of an experiential psychotherapy which enables the client to become a qualitatively new person, free of bad feelings.

Hardcover - 412 pages / 1996 Wiley

ISBN: 978-0471124382  

Special Price $20.00  Hardcover / $15.00 Paperback (*)


How Psychotherapy Can Become A Science

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

In How Psychotherapy Can Become A Science, Alvin Mahrer shares his passion for moving psychotherapy forward as he challenges his readers to consider several possible ways for psychotherapy to join what he refers to as “the real sciences”.

Spiral-bound: 151 pages (2007)

ISBN-10: 978-0-968186

Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.5 x 0.4 - Special Price $5.00





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The Origin of A Person

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

The experiential approach has little or nothing in common with other approaches to the origin of a person. It is a new departure. The infant-child is the complete creation of the parents who (a) create the infant-child to be what is important to the parents for the infant-child to be, and who (b) create the infant-child out of the parents own qualities and characteristics. The transformation consists of (a) the complete creation of an infant-child who is what is important to the parents for the infant-child to be, and who is (b) created out of the parents own qualities and characteristics.

Paperback - 181 pages – 2010

ISBN: 9780968186565

Special Price $10.00

The Manual of Optimal Behaviors

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

This is a working manual to help one learn and practice optimal behaviors. Within the pages of this book you will learn how to study, engage and practice specific optimal behaviors. Following this path, one creates a whole new world and with the goal of enhancing one’s potential as a human being. Learning & Practicing exercises involving Optimal Behaviors

Paperback: 372 pages  - 2008

ISBN - 9780968186527

Special Price $10.00

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The Relativity of Psychological Things: Toward a Paradigm Shift in the Field of Psychotherapy

By Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D., with Howard Gontovnick, Ph.D.

If you are to become the person you can become, it’s imperative to let go of the boundaries that have prevented you from attaining a comprehensive metamorphosis of mind, body, and soul. That is to completely let go limitations that have been restraining and discover real opportunities. You have it within you to discover your optimal nature to become a whole new person, within a whole new world. All this is a genuine shift away from the way you have been toward the possibilities of an uncommon location – to what you can actually become. Whether you are psychotherapist, educator, researcher or an individual thinking about the realities of personality and the possibility for substantive change, this book will take you on a journey to discover where few have gone before.


Paperback 232 pages (2018)  ISBN: 9780968186596  - Dimensions: 6 x 9 (inches) - Price $24.95  Now $19.95